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5 Benefits of Better Testosterone Levels

One of the biggest topics in the health world today is the subject of men who suffer from low testosterone levels. In spite of all the discussions about the effects of low testosterone, it seems the benefits of having normal levels have not been an important topic of discussion. The effects of low testosterone are undeniable, but most of us are more motivated to get out and fix a problem if we know there will be a payoff rather than be intimidated with the potential consequences. So, rather than hit you with the stick, this article will focus on the carrot. Here are five benefits you will experience for having higher testosterone levels.

Stronger Sex Drive The link between testosterone and male sex drive is something we learn about during those younger, more awkward days in school. It is common knowledge that more testosterone leads to more vigorous sex drive. The benefit is an overall improvement in bedroom performance and a greater interest in sex in general. If you’ve found yourself losing interest or just not performing well, low testosterone is a probable culprit, and getting that treated will bring significant improvements to your sex life overall.

Less Fat, More MuscleA statistical correlation exists between overall reductions in body fat and men taking testosterone treatments. With this increase in testosterone levels, you can burn off the fat much more easily and build muscle more quickly. There are many out there who believe that they just “are naturally overweight”, and genuinely have a hard time losing weight. In such individuals the problem could just be low testosterone.

Stronger BonesHigher levels of testosterone are known to lead to greater bone density. This translates to stronger bones in general and is an excellent boon for active types. Those with higher testosterone levels will find that their bones have a harder time breaking, and can stave off conditions such as osteoporosis.

Energy and Mood ImprovementOne of the significant links between testosterone and health are your energy levels. Men with higher testosterone levels find it easier to make it through the day and have more energy overall. A side benefit to these increased energy levels is an improvement in overall mood. By improving your levels of testosterone, you will be more motivated throughout the day and find it easier to get things done on a day to day basis.

Sleep BetterMen with higher testosterone levels are also found to sleep better than those at lower levels. Such individuals report that they get a much better night’s sleep and find they feel more rested throughout the day. This is because men with higher testosterone levels can sleep through the night and don’t suffer from insomnia as much. When combined with an already improved energy level, men with higher testosterone levels will find it much easier to make it through the day, and find an overall improvement in their work quality.

With all of these benefits that come with having higher levels of testosterone, there is no reason not to stop into a local clinic to get tested. Millions of Americans suffer from low testosterone, and many of them do not even realize it. Attributing their condition to other factors, these individuals find themselves trying fad diets and exercises, but not seeing results, leading to general dissatisfaction. Even though such individuals might end up becoming one of the lucky statistical anomalies and live full lives, their quality of life would undoubtedly suffer. Even if you do not believe you will fall prey to one of the many health consequences, the boons are more than worth the time and effort.