Constant Fatigue and Lack of Energy

Is fatigue affecting your quality of life? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to get out of bed and get moving, or do you feel mentally drained and physically exhausted by the early afternoon? Maybe you’re one of the many that reach for coffee or high-caffeine energy drinks to get through the day. If this sounds like you, an internal imbalance could be what’s robbing you of your vigor and leaving you feeling like you’re running on an empty tank.

Fatigue is often associated with age, but getting older shouldn’t mean feeling run down. As women age, it becomes increasingly more common to observe a loss of drive and enthusiasm due to the barrage of life’s daily stressors. Chronic feelings of fatigue and exhaustion can often be traced to the adrenal glands’ response to that ongoing stress. The adrenals function as our internal battery – and just like a battery, after years of heavy use, they don’t keep us powered up as well as they used to. When the adrenal glands are continually forced to produce high levels of the cortisol hormone, our bodies are denied the rest and recovery we require, leaving us feeling foggy and sluggish.

If you are dealing with symptoms of fatigue and a noticeable lack of energy, it could be due to a hormone imbalance. Take our hormone quiz to determine if you are a potential candidate for hormone optimization.

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