Sexual Wellness and Vaginal Dryness

Female hormone insufficiency may lead to a loss of sexual desire, difficulty becoming aroused, vaginal dryness, and difficulty reaching orgasm. These symptoms are experienced by the vast majority of women at some point but can occur at any age. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can replace what the body has lost or is no longer producing, helping to maintain your sexual wellness at an optimal level.

Treatment options for hormone-related female sexual dysfunction and low libido include bioidentical estrogen, testosterone replacement, or a combination of both. Estrogen replacement therapy can provide relief from vaginal dryness and inflammation while maintaining an optimal pH balance. For many women, estrogen therapy can make sex more comfortable and enjoyable!  Testosterone supplementation can restore sexual desire in women with inadequate free testosterone levels. Research has found that testosterone therapy may improve sexual desire in postmenopausal women that have experienced a drop in libido.

If you are dealing with symptoms of sexual dysfunction or vaginal dryness, it could be potentially due to a hormone imbalance. Take our hormone quiz to determine if you are a potential candidate for hormone optimization.

If you're not sure whether BHRT is right for you, take our free assessment survey.

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