Signs You Should Rest Instead of “Powering Through” Your Pain

Powering through your pain is not always the right thing to do when it comes to working out. Doing so can affect your health in a negative way. Pushing yourself too hard while working out can lead to you hurting yourself. You have to know your personal limits, so that you do not get an injury that can make reaching your physical goals much harder. It is important to give your body the rest it needs. Resting allows your muscles to heal between workout days. Every time you work out you are putting more stress on your muscles and your body whether you can feel it or not. You have to let your muscles build themselves. If you do not rest, you will not improve.
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Low Testosterone: Could your genes be to blame?

When many of us hear of someone with low testosterone (or low T), we tend to think of someone in his retirement years. We picture a grey-haired man with a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. However, this does not happen overnight. Some people may have had this since before birth and do not even know it.

Scientists now believe low testosterone is hereditary, and have been able to pinpoint genetic markers for it. In fact, men with three or more of these markers are almost seven times likely to have low testosterone, versus men with no markers. The majority of the markers were found in the sex hormone-binding globulin gene.  It is a type of protein that binds to testosterone. An increase of this protein can lead to a decrease of testosterone.

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5 Benefits of Better Testosterone Levels

One of the biggest topics in the health world today is the subject of men who suffer from low testosterone levels. In spite of all the discussions about the effects of low testosterone, it seems the benefits of having normal levels have not been an important topic of discussion. The effects of low testosterone are undeniable, but most of us are more motivated to get out and fix a problem if we know there will be a payoff rather than be intimidated with the potential consequences. So, rather than hit you with the stick, this article will focus on the carrot. Here are five benefits you will experience for having higher testosterone levels.

Stronger Sex Drive The link between testosterone and male sex drive is something we learn about during those younger, more awkward days in school. It is common knowledge that more testosterone leads to more vigorous sex drive. The benefit is an overall improvement in bedroom performance and a greater interest in sex in general. If you’ve found yourself losing interest or just not performing well, low testosterone is a probable culprit, and getting that treated will bring significant improvements to your sex life overall.

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